La boutique de jean paul

Alvear Palace Hotel

la boutique de jean paul

Jean Paul opens a new site to taste the delights of the French cuisine.

In addition to a full renovation of the facilities, the new gourmet site offers visitors a special area to enjoy the delicacies prepared by the chef.

White and red are the predominant colors of the new location that stands out for the simplicity and beauty of its decoration, that is a combination of savoir faire and the unmistakable elegance of the host hotel.

The Boutique, located in the charming Recoleta neighborhood, is a new space where sensations guide curious visitors through gleaming counters and white ash shelves brimming with sweet and salty food that live in perfect harmony.

“It is a magic place that attracts the senses with aromas that lead us to unique experiences, like our memories. I am very excited to offer our customers a pétit dejeuner or delicious sandwiches at our home”, said Jean Paul Bondoux.

In the new site that bears his own distinctive mark, Jean Paul Bondoux fully unfolds his art and inspiration to create a fresh and sophisticated menu that includes all his customers preferred options. His well-known pâtisserie, tartes sucrées, plats froids, salads and plats chauds, as well as his innovative creations, reflect the ample palette of Jean Paul’s world of flavors.

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Monday through Friday from 9AM to 7PM

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Monday through Friday from 9AM to 7PM

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